Saturday, March 13, 2010

Streamline Your Office For Success

Being disorganized costs time, which translates into lost income. Often the chiropractor is unaware how much time certain office tasks take. A thorough evaluation of your chiropractic health assistant's work time is information you need to manage an efficient office.

For example, how much time does your staff spend finding travel cards, handing them out and re-filing them? A surprising amount of time is spent revolving around those paper travel cards. There are also those wasted hours searching for that single elusive travel card that has been misfiled. There is a better way!
By adding our exclusive Atlas virtual travel card system to your office, you could save your staff 35 to 40 hours of work each month. These precious hours could be better utilized by implementing a staff-directed patient education system. This education initiative will generate more patients for your practice. Handling paper travel cards will never generate new patients in a practice and will only frustrate CA’s and makes inefficient use of their time. Paper travel cards are to virtual travel cards as 8 track tapes are to CD’s.
Now that your staff has the time, how do they go about educating your patients?
Atlas has 5 main educational components you won’t find in other chiropractic software.
    Chiropractic Software
  1. Health Message System
  2. Microtics
  3. Health Article System
  4. Video Email System
  5. Video Neuropatholator
You can use all, some, or a few of these components to create a well rounded patient educational system. If implemented properly, your practice can’t help but grow to the next level. The beauty of these systems is the automation, set it and watch it work. You could easily have a new CA start on Monday morning and have no difficulty keeping the patients’ education on track.
Let’s discuss the first component of this system in this article.
As a chiropractor you might do a fantastic job educating your patients in your report of findings and converting those patients to corrective care. That’s only the first step of the patient’s journey to wellness. Obviously you need to be competent with your care – sorry, we can’t help you in that department!
The second step is often left untouched in chiropractic offices - continual patient education every single day. If you look at the office procedures of a successful chiropractor you can easily see that daily patient education is at the core of their everyday practice routine. Listen carefully! I said everyday practice routine, and not only that, but every single visit. When you’re at the top of your patient education every day you’re not going to see huge fluctuations in your practice volume.
I didn’t say this is going to be easy. We all know when you had a particularly busy weekend it’s sometimes hard to get into the swing of things on Monday morning. If you don’t have your routine scripted and automated it is inevitable that you will slip and fall. I experienced this many times in practice. Volume shifted up and down because of my energy levels and things going on outside of the practice taking away my concentration. Doing a great job with patient care is one thing, but doing an amazing job with patient education is simply in another ball park.
Atlas comes preloaded with educational health messages to set your practice education on autopilot. When your patients sign in with their unique RFID card or keyfob they will receive their health message of the day. We believe in engaging the chiropractic patient! Atlas can even ask them a question when they sign in at the front desk and answer that question when they sign in at the adjustment station. As a chiropractor you can certainly have fun with this system. You have theflexibility to modify these messages and add your own personnel touch to the messaging system.
These messages can be based on a new patient visit sequence, or categorized by weekly or monthly health topics. Atlas has made your job easier by programming a series of chiropractic health affirmations into our software. Select all of the health affirmations, or some of them, or add your own. Many established options are available to deliver these messages to your patients. With our on-site training and installation we will help you implement Atlas to fit your practice perfectly.
This simple system can streamline your patient education program and keep your practice on track. Setting your practice on autopilot with an education plan is a proven way to create consistent results. No other software program on the market today will help you organize and implement your patient education initiative while providing efficient and proven front desk management at the same time.
Generating Atlas office moments not only builds referrals but also reinforces patient care and energizes office staff. With these results, and time for staff to educate patients, your practice cannot help but grow!

Dr. Stephane Laverdiere
Chiropractic Software