Monday, March 29, 2010

Atlas Chiropractic System Launches the Neurosimulator

With patient education being such an important part of your practice, Atlas Chiropractic System has now launched their Neurosimulator. Gone are the days of posters, wall charts and light bulb animation. Our generation is tuned into high quality Hollywood movie productions. We embarked on this project with the objective to create a 3D animation of the body, spine and spinal nerves. The Neurosimulator not only shows the spinal segment but the systems and organs they affect.

We can’t deny the connection between the spine, nervous system and the rest of the body including our internal organs. We wanted to bring that to life in the clinic with a touch of the finger. Being able to communicate efficiently at the table side with your patients is more important than ever.

If you don’t take the time to educate your patients the likely hood of them being wellness patients for life diminishes. With the Neurosimulator you don’t have to rely on third party software. It is so much easier to work within one system. Our goal has always been to create our own tools to allow our chiropractors the most flexibility. We practice what chiropractors have been saying for over 100 years from the inside out.