Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chiropractic Videos

Can 100 million viewers be wrong?

Comscore today revealed that the popular social network YouTube has reached 100 million viewers. In total, internet viewers have viewed 14.8 billion online videos in January 2009 alone.

According to Comscore: “YouTube led the growth charge, accounting for 91 percent of the incremental gain in the number of videos viewed versus December, as it surpassed 100 million viewers for the first time.”

Google continues to surpass others in terms of online video viewing with a 43 percent market share. Of that, YouTube accounts for 99 percent of the videos viewed. Fox Interactive Media account(3.7 percent), Yahoo! Sites(2.5 percent) and Viacom Digital(1.9 percent) are trailing behind by a wide margin.

We can thank shows like survivor the pioneers of reality TV that has fueled the desire for millions of viewers to post their life stories on the internet. These life stories are now mainstream entertainment. In January 2009, 147 million U.S. internet users watched an average of 101 videos per person.

Are we hooked on internet videos and online TV watching?

People are turning to the internet, you tube, myspace and other services for their source of evening entertainment. Were going to see a big shift over the next 10 years with this new generation being born and raised on the internet.
Web video will not be taking over TV anytime soon but it has caught the attention of big media giants like NBC, News Corp, CBS and Viacom. At a 50+ percent growth over the last year as announced by Neilson in May of 09 it is not something you can ignore. With YouTube firmly entrenched and Hulu’s premium content allowing anyone to watch their favorite TV shows at any time, it’s safe to assume that online video will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Don’t forget to couple this with a young generation that is more tech-savvy.

How can you benefit from Video technology?

When you post videos on you tube the chance of potential patients in your area viewing them are next to none. The best way to benefit from using video is to distribute them via email.

What most chiropractor’s don’t know!

Collecting email accounts is a big business and should be an office policy in all chiropractic offices. Email accounts are now worth millions to advertisers and the reason why they are aggressive trying to get you to opt in to subscribe to their flyers. Once you have patients email you can set them up on a regular email campaign sending them videos on a regular basis.

Do you have your patients watching videos on Headaches, Asthma, Chiropractic and Children and many more topics inside your practice? They might see something in your office but what if they have a video in the inbox they can watch over and over again and even send it to friends and family.

Chiropractic software comes in all shapes and sizes to fit just about every practice need. The companies that shine are the ones that not only have great patient management system but have superior marketing tools for your practice. Video technology is just that tool and why you tube is so popular.

Having a complete patient management system along with a video email marketing system can revolutionize your practice. Educating patients in the office is one thing but reaching them out side office hours in their own home is totally new for most chiropractors.

Doctors have expressed the success they are receiving from this type of advertising. Patients are not only viewing the videos but sending them to friends and family. When a patient receives a video on headaches the likelihood of them forwarding the video to someone is far greater than them distributing a brochure. That forwarded email will contain your contact information including phone number hours of operation maybe website and most important your email.

This is pure genius marketing it’s coming from your patient and going to someone else but it has your clinic all over the email. It’s also a great way to reactivate old patient files.

Get busy and start collecting emails and make the most of this video phenomenon. The doctors of the future will own the video and email waves in their town.
There are services you can subscribe to that have email systems and even templates with newsletters. Take the next step and get involved in the new generation with video email technology.

Dr. Stephane Laverdiere
Chiropractic Videos