Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Health Articles

The Atlas system comes with over 50 health articles that you can customize with your clinic information and logo. Of course, you can always upload your own articles as well. Atlas chiropractic system will become a virtual library for you; accessible at the tip of your finger.  You can schedule these articles to auto print when a patient signs in on a particular visit number or date. The system recognizes if they are due to receive the article, prints it out, and then the CA will receive a message that they need to hand it to the patient. This allows the CA to get much more involved with patient education, and ensures that the patients are getting the education they need in order to become lifelong wellness patients.  Health articles, just one of the many ways Atlas helps you grow your practice from the inside out.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If you are selling any products in your office, such as supplements or pillows, Atlas has your inventory needs covered.  Atlas stores information such as the minimum and maximum quantities you want to have on hand, as well as the cost to you, supplier information, applicable taxes, etc.  You can even set up special pricing categories, like a discount for seniors. Bring up the inventory report to show exactly what you have on hand, and what items may need to be reordered. Receiving is an easy task as well. Simply select the supplier it has come from, the item name and the quantity that you have received and it will be updated in the system. With Atlas, there is no need to have a separate program to efficiently manage your inventory.  It doesn’t matter if you only sell pillows or have a store front.  Atlas will manage it just perfectly.


Friday, July 16, 2010


Microtics are a great way to keep yourself organized while making sure you are discussing all of the important topics with your patients.  Scheduled by visit count, you simply enter the subject you want to talk to your patient about at that point in their care, and Atlas automatically prompts you on the VTC.  The subject will simply show up on the bottom of the screen. Schedule reminders such as asking them to bring in their family members for examinations, or simply take their report of findings and break it down into bite size pieces, reviewing that education with your patient to further instil the chiropractic message. Atlas will ensure you are covering all of the topics you want to discuss, at appropriate points in their care, and take away the worry of repeating yourself.  This simple exercise will help you transform your patient’s healthcare beliefs one visit at a time in just a few seconds.