Monday, January 3, 2011

Dot Notes

Dot notes are a convenient way for the Doctor and office staff to communicate certain things about patients discreetly, or to serve as reminders.  You decide exactly what you set these up for- maybe to flag patients who are behind in payments, or to keep track of which workshops people are attending, the possibilities are endless. Each dot note is given a title to indicate its purpose.  From this title, you create a sub-menu, and each item in the sub menu needs to have a different colour assigned to it. For example, you are going to be having a seminar and want your patients to bring a guest to introduce them to Chiropractic. Leading up to this seminar, you want to promote it by talking to your patients, but are fearful you will repeat yourself, or forget to mention it. Set up a dot note and have items in your sub menu such ‘attending’, ‘bringing a friend’, ‘not interested’, etc. Then when you mention the event, you can right click and select what their reaction is which will be indicated by the change in colour. The dot notes appear in both the CHAS and the VTC.  Another part of this feature that makes it very handy is the lists option. Generate a list to show all those who are attending, which ones are bringing a friend, or who hasn’t been told about the seminar yet. Nothing is overlooked in Atlas because we know that even the smallest features can make a big difference in your office experience.