Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Workshop feature

The Atlas Chiropractic system is all about helping you grow your practice. The workshop feature is a great way for you to keep record of who has attended your workshops and seminars, and uses the sign in system without interrupting your office flow.  Set up is as easy as adding a service, you just make sure to check off the box that says ‘is a workshop’. When the time comes to host the workshop, simply activate it. You can change the sign in screen and arrival queue colour to remind you Atlas is in this workshop mode.  If a patient with an appointment signs in, they are added to the arrival queue as normal. If they are there to attend the workshop and do not have an appointment, they must still sign in, but are not added to the queue. A line will appear in their transaction ledger to indicate they have attended this workshop.  Clear the active workshops for the sign in to return to normal mode:  a simple, yet thoughtful feature.  Try it out for your next workshop or seminar!