Thursday, May 26, 2011

Press Release: Atlas - Imasight, Co-Marketing

Atlas Chiropractic System Inc. and Imasight announce today that they will begin comarketing

the ImaSight Vision software and the Atlas Chiropractic System to all Atlas and ImaSight



The co-marketing agreement will make available the software tools that both companies

developed to all present and future customers. An embedded version of the ImaSight Vision

software will be integrated into the Atlas Chiropractic System software. End-users will be able to

automatically view and annotate patient x-rays during their diagnosis. Owners of the ImaSight

4600 sensors will have access to the patient data and all ImaSight Chiro Power Tools via the Atlas

Chiropractic System.


To promote the joint program and demonstrate the benefits of their integrated software

solution, both companies agreed to create a training centre at Atlas premises. The showroom will

be used to demonstrate the software solution, increase product visibility and train personnel and



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