Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Safety Net

Never let another patient slip through the cracks! Atlas automatically adds any patient who has cancelled, missed an appointment, or left without making a future appointment into the Safety Net. Simply click on the patient’s name and the Patient Contact Manager is launched which makes it easy to contact and rebook patients. The Patient Contact Manager records the initials of the CA who contacts the patient, the way they made contact, and any notes needed. This makes for seamless follow up calls if you have more than one CA working in your office.  As soon as an appointment is made for that patient, they automatically come out of the Safety Net.

Want to send out appointment reminders by email?

Set the patient to receive a reminder in the system either the day of the appointment, the day before or two days before and they will show up automatically in the ‘Confirms’ tab of the Safety Net on the proper day. Click the ‘Email’ button and Atlas will send everyone in the list their individual times and dates of their appointments. It’s that easy!

It’s an amazing practice building tool that will make you wonder how you ever managed without it.